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New Jersey Dryer Vent Cleaning

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaners in NJ

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), of which Clean as a Whistle is a member, recommends that you have your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year, removing the link that accumulates in the dryer vent pipe. This is because the leading cause of dryer related fires is a failure to have them properly cleaned.

dryerventlintYou may think that the NFPA’s advice is excessive or unnecessary; after all, how many dryer vent fires are there? 15,000 dryer vent related fires every year, in the United States, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Dryer vent fires cause approximately $97 million in damages and lost property every year. If you want to avoid this fire hazard, contact our New Jersey Dryer Vent Cleaners today, for a free price quote.
New Jersey dryer vent cleaning, like air duct cleaning in New Jersey, is obviously an essential part of home maintenance and fire safety prevention. An uncleaned dryer vent pipe filled with lint is a serious fire hazard. Manual cleaning of your lint catcher is not enough, but our experienced dryer vent cleaning specialists can get the job done right. Contact them today for a free estimate.

Did you know that the lint screen in your dryer, even when it is cleaned, only catches about 75% of the lint produced inside the dryer. That means 25% of the lint is working its way into your dryer vent pipe, where it can accumulate over time, causing a serious fire risk by restricting airflow and causing overheating that prevents fast drying action and drastically increases the risk of a fire. Dryer lint is extremely flammable and has the potential to ignite at any time, making your dryer vent a fire hazard that you cannot afford to ignore. Contact our professional New Jersey dryer vent cleaners today..

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