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Hospital Vent Cleaning Program

Fulfillng Joint Commision Specifications

Entire HVAC system should be cleaned approximately every seven years provided the filters are maintained and replaced regularly.  The diffusers, however, need to be cleaned and sanitized on a more frequent basis.  There are two reasons for this:

  1. The diffusers by design disperse air into a given space.  This leaves a pocket of air in and around the diffuser itself.  Particulates from the room and/or the air ducts become trapped in this pocket providing nutrients for molds, mildew and bacteria.
  2. It is at the diffuser that the “conditioned air” meets the “unconditioned air”.  Just like the weather, when a cold front meets a warm front, condensation can occur in the area of the diffuser, thus providing the moisture needed for the mold, mildew and bacteria to grow.

Our Service includes removing the diffuser and registers, cleaning and sanitizing them and cleaning and sanitizing up to two feet into the duct.  We will also remove particulates in the “air pocket” from the ceiling tiles around the diffusers.  It is our recommendation that all areas of a hospital be cleaned up to twice a year. More sensitive areas such as Surgery, ER and Dialysis can be done more frequently.

Included in our service is a detailed report included Work Orders for every floor in every building.  In addition each diffuser/vent is bar coded and a detailed spreadsheet will show the Location and type of every vent in the hospital, when the vent was cleaned and any notes pertaining to the particular vent.

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