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Hospital Dust Containment System

Commercial and Hospital Air Duct Cleaning

A significant concern of hospitals is to maintain a clean and safe environment. The healthcare industry has made impressive strides in preventing cross contamination and the spread of contagions. Hospitals and Healthcare facilities are constantly developing and improving methods to provide a sanitary environment for both patients and staff. The Providet Products Ceiling Containment system is a versatile and effective tool in the endevor to provide quality healthcare environments in line with the demanding I.C.R.A. and J.C.A.H.O. standards.

What is the Dust Containment System?

The Providet Products Containment System is an entire mobile work environment. The system is specifically designed for hospital use. Its narrow frame allows for easy maneuverability in patient rooms and throughout hallways without disrupting the patient care. The containment system is designed from the ground up to allow work needed in, on, or above the ceiling. Such services as plumbing and electric to air duct systems, alarm systems, and construction work are easilt completed.

Ceiling Containment System Features

  • Patent Pending "One-Person" design allows for autonomy of work
  • Solid Construction
  • Versatile
  • Fits through standard doors
  • Easily customizable for whatever job must be done
  • Isolated work environment
  • Clear acrylic panels for improved visability
  • Four locking swivel wheels
  • Innovative pulley system alows for easy raising and lowering

Providet Products: Innovation in Design

The ceiling containment system can be assembled, disassembled, and stored with ease. However, what truly sets our system apart is its innovative design allows just one person to quickly and easily set up, access, and work in the affected area in less than sixty seconds.

"The system is great! The raising and lowering capabilities really set it apart."
- Bob Nolan, Robert Wood Johnson U.H. Engineering Dept.

Patient Care and Air Duct Cleaning

Uncompromising patient care in hospitals is not possible without proper maintenance of the facilities. Due to the critical nature of patient care, unfortunately, maintenance is often times viewed as less of a priority. When hospitals operate in such a way where maintenance is slighted, it can lead to obstacles in patient care. All hospitals struggle to strike this balance. The Providet Products Ceiling Containment System enables both to be done simultaneously, without compromising either. This is a step in the right direction.

Professional Air Duct Cleaners

Clean as a Whistle, a division of Providet Service Associates, has been cleaning Air Conveyance Systems since 1989. Much of our commercial air duct cleaning is done in hospitals. Dust, debris, and bacteria may become airborne as a result of our work to eradicate them from air duct systems. We understand that it is critical that we ensure that patient environments are protected and not contaminated. Our ceiling containment system was created for this very reason. It enables work to be done in even the most sensative areas, without contaminating the hospital. The Providet Products Ceiling Containment System has served us and our hospitals well, and it can do the same for you.

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