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Air Duct Cleaning in Essex County

New Jersey Air Duct Cleaners

Clean as a Whistle has been providing Essex County air duct cleaning for nearly twenty years. Located in adjacent Morris County, our professional air duct cleaners service both homes and businesses in Essex County. Clean as a Whistle holds all three professional air duct certifications from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). We are one of only two companies in New Jersey to bear this distinction.

We are a local company and take pride in providing expert duct cleaning in Essex County, paying attention to details and to customers in a way that larger companies cannot. Call or fill out the short form for a free air duct cleaning estimate.

Featured Cities: Essex County New Jersey

Our professional air duct cleaners serve all of Essex County.

City Pop. Zipcode

Newark 280,135 Many Zipcodes
East Orange 65,952 07017,07018
Irvington 59,443 07111
Bloomfield 46,699 07003
West Orange 44,015 07052
Montclair 38,172 07042,07043
North Brunswick 35,538 08902

Air ducts in Essex County if not properly cleaned and sanitized, can spread dirt, dust, and germs throughout homes and offices. Homes in Essex County, from Belleville to West Orange, should regularly have their air ducts cleaned. Though counter-intuitive, new homes, in particular, should have their air duct systems professionally cleaned. This is because contractors rarely take the time to clean and remove scraps, dirt, sawdust, and building material waste from a construction site. Consequently, this debris often remains in the air ducts for years, contaminating the system, trapping germs, and decreasing the efficiency of the ducts. If you live in Essex County NJ and would like to know the cost of cleaning your ducts, call us today, or fill out the short form to the right.

Essex County Air Pollution

Essex County New Jersey ranks in the worst/dirtiest 10% of all counties in the United States in terms of an average individual’s added cancer risk from hazardous air pollutants. This information is based on the EPA’s measurements of the amount of pollutants in the air outdoors.

The following is a list of major pollutants released in Essex County, measured in tons of the pollutants emitted over the course of a year.

Source of
PM-2.5 PM-10 Sulfer
Cars/Planes/Trucks 132,529 25,930 2,548 7,341 5,795 14,409
Small Businesses 4,715 9,596 771 1,490 4,884 15,134
Major Industrial Facilities 14,083 7,621 2,523 2,627 2,233 8,609
All Sources: 151,327 43,148 5,843 11,458 12,913 38,151

Our professional New Jersey Air Duct Cleaners serve in the following Essex County Towns and Cities:

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