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About Providet Service Associates Inc.

Business Overview

Providet Service Associates Inc. is an HVAC and Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company located in Millington NJ and servicing accounts in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

Success Factors

Providet Service Associates Inc. has succeeded due to the following reasons:

  • Providet Service Associates was founded in 1989. We are positioned to move forward concentrating future investments in our management staff and enabling them to grow the company so they themselves can grow and prosper.
  • Human Resources: Our management team believes in upholding the dignity of every individual including our employees. We have a very high rate of retention. This is commendable given the demanding and often irregular hours required of service industry we are in.
  • Location: We are located at the center of the Greater NY Metropolitan Area, just 30 mile from Manhattan and 70 miles from Philadelphia with easy access to Interstates 78, 287 and 95.
  • Operational Systems: We have developed systems that enable us to provide high quality services at a lower cost. These systems include the Vent Cleaning program we developed and is unique to the industry we are in.
  • Customers: We have developed our customer base that includes Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, Residences and Corporate Facilities. In New Jersey we are the leader amongst our competitors in the health care services we provide.
  • Marketing: We have positioned ourselves in this market as a name and a company that is recognized as a leader in our field. We have a reputation of honesty and integrity of service.
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